Oatmeal Stout 2.0

Oatmeal Stout with Madagascar Vanilla Beans.   Conditioned on Belgian Dark Candi Syrup


  • Pale Ale – 67%
  • Flaked Oats – 13%
  • Crystal 40L – 8%
  • Pale Chocolate Malt – 4%
  • Roasted Barley – 4%
  • Chocolate Malt – 4%

After primary fermentation I added two Madagascar Vanilla beans I had soaking in a wee bit of vodka since brew day.   I let it sit another week or so before transferring to keg.

This time I decided I would try natural conditioning vs forced carbonation.   I had some Belgian Dark Candi Syrup laying around so I added about 4oz of that into the keg before transferring from the fermenter.  Conditioning took approximately two more weeks at cellar temperature.

In all it took 5 weeks for this brew to be ready to drink.   I get hints of Vanilla but it’s not over powering.  I think the Candi Syrup is adding a little bit of a vinous character.  It could use more body and I’m not fond of the dry finish.   It’s a decent beer.   I’ll definitely drink it, but I’ll be changing the recipe when I brew my next Oatmeal Stout.

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