Karaoke Machine

I haven’t posted in a while. Honestly not much new to post since I’ve been continuing to iterate on brews I’ve already posted.

I’m up to Hop Therapy #9 now. Not much is going to change in this series except the two hops I choose. I’m not going to post an article for each pairing. If one of the pairings turns out fantastic I’ll post an article. Otherwise just search my brewery’s page on Untapp’d and you’ll be to find all my Hop Therapy brews and more.

I think I’ve gone as far as I can with the El Hefe series. This was my Hefeweizen series which used White Labs WLP300. Last year I started a new Hefeweizen series called GWEN which uses Weihenstephan Yeast I harvested from their Hefeweizen bottles. I’m up to GWEN #3 and I’m really happy with it. I’ll just be tweaking the water profile, yeast pitch rate, fermentation profile (time and temp), and keeping the yeast healthy going forward.

I’ve posted articles about Scotch Ales in the past but I’ve been working on a Wee Heavy series I call Karaoke Machine. This is not a beer I brew often as it’s 8% and rather tasty. That’s a dangerous combo to have on tap. I’m not going to spill the beans on the recipe just yet as I’m still refining it. My goto yeast for this brew is WLP028. I keep a fresh culture in my beer fridge at all times. I make a large starter before each brew which is critical to a good Wee Heavy. Here is what Karaoake Machine II looks like:

What’s next on the brew schedule? It currently looks like this:

  • Irish Stout
  • Irish Red
  • Gwen #4
  • West Coast DIPA
  • Hop Therpay #10

That should kept me busy for the next couple months.

Oh… That reminds me. I do have a my first serious German inspired Lager in progress. It’s currently on Week 3 of lagering. Not sure when I’m going to keg that one. The idea is to lager it long enough so that it’s nearly crystal clear before transferring to keg. This one will be called “Bottoms Up”. So look for it on Untapp’d or here on my blog.