Let’s Catch Up

Well NHC is all but canceled.  I’m sure you know why.  I’v made several beers since the ones I made for NHC.   So let’s catch up.

  • 8 Day IPA
    • This is basically the Northern Brewer Kama Citra recipe, but I changed this up a bit.  If the link still works you can find the original recipe here.
    • First change, the original recipe is for a 5 gallon batch with a target ABV 5.3%.  I decided to reduce the batch size to 4 gallons and the end result was a 6.3% beer.
    • Second, I fermented this beer under pressure using my new Fermentasaurus Snub Nose.  The idea here is that fermenting under pressure will help the beer retain more hop aroma and flavor.
    • Third, I fermented with SafLager S-23.  That’s right this is technically a lager.
    • I really like this beer.  It’s no longer on tap but I have a few bottles left.   I think I’m on to something with making hoppy beers under pressure.
  • Social Distance DIPA
    • Is another IPA I fermented under pressure.  This time I used an Danstar’s Nottingham yeast (one of my favorites).
    • This is an all Mosaic hop brew with additions for bittering, flavor, aroma, and dry hop.
    • This beer seems to have peaked after about two weeks in the keg.   I can a fair amount of Mango / Stonefruit which I’m sure is coming from the Mosaic hops.  I’ll have to do more single hop brews…
    • End results is a delicious 8% 56 IBU DIPA
  • El Hefe 7
    • Hefeweizen is one of my favorite styles of beer, hence version #7.
    • This is a little different than past El Hefe’s.  I’m using German Wheat Malt (Weyermann)  & Pislner (BESTMALZ)  from a maltsters I haven’t used before.
    • I also intentionally brewed this one to rather light at 4.8% ABV.
    • Other than that there’s not much to say. 
  • Galaxy Pale
    • Inspired by Social Distance I decided to make another beer with a single hop.   This time using Australian Galaxy Hops…
    • This brew is cold crashing now and I can’t wait to try it.   Some of my favorite IPAs are made with Galaxy hops.
    • Galaxy hops are highly aromatic and generally impart intense Citrus and Passionfruit characteristics to your beer.
    • I should be trying this one in a few days. 

If you want to see these beers you should be able to find them on untappd (I’ve I’m not too lazy to post them).