Hop Therapy #15 (Azacca & Eclipse)

I’m getting a slightly higher efficiency out of my brew system these days, especially with recipes I’ve iterated on (GWEN & Therapy). My process continues to improve with each batch so I’ve started reducing the malt bill of some recipes to keep the ABV in the target range.

My Hop Therapy series to started to creep up to 5.5 – 6% where I really want to target between 4.5% – 5%. So starting with HT13 I’ve reduced the malt bill by 1lb.

Grist & Hops

  • Crisp Best Ale – 9 lb
  • Golden Naked Oats – 2 lb
  • Eclipse 16.8% AA – 1 oz @ flame out
  • Lumpomax Azacca 16% AA – 1 oz @ flame out
  • Eclipse 16.8% AA – 1 oz @ day 2 dry hop
  • Lumpomax Azacca 16% AA – 1 oz @ day 2 dry hop

Lately I’ve been using Lallemand’s Lalbrew Verdant IPA (an excellent yeast) for Hop Therapy. This time I decent to use Fermentis SAFALE S-33 since I had culture that was getting old. So I made a starter to freshen it up. The yeast must have been very happy because it chewed through the wort very quickly. I try dry hop Hop Therapy when it’s close to 80% attenuation. Normally that’s on day 3 or 4. This batch was nearly done fermenting on day 2. So I that’s when I dry hop’d.

This batch is conditioning now. I’ll post tasting notes when it’s ready.

Hop Therapy #13 vs #14

Throughout my Hop Therapy series I’ve been experimenting with different adjuncts. I’ve used Wheat Malt, Golden Naked Oats, and Flaked Oats. So I’ve been wondering which one produces the best Session IPA.

Hop Therapy #13 and #14 only differ in one ingredient and were brewed 7 days apart. The difference being #13 used Golden Naked Oats and #14 used Flaked Oats.

Much to my surprise the end product was much more different than I expected.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the forethought to take pics of both that would show the difference. HT13 cleared up completely. Not sure if that was the result of golden naked oats or a process difference. Not that I care about haze, but HT14 stayed hazy until it kicked. Interesting…

Besides appearance most preferred HT13 to H14. I think the body on HT13 was bit more full…. I preferred HT14, but I was in the minority. Either way both beers were decent and I’m not sure this experiment proved anything 🙂

My only conclusion is that a session hazy will be good as long is you use a pale malt for the base and at least two decent hops at flame out / dry hop. Whether you use read/white wheat, flaked oat, golden naked oats or whatever to supplement the malt bill it doesn’t really matter. They all add body and a creamy texture. The star of the show is the hops. Which ever allows the hops to shine the most is the winner in my book.

Next up… HT15 🙂