Cold weather is coming

I like session beers in the Summer, but when the weather turns colder I like to amp up the flavor and ABV of my brews.   To that end I have several new beers in the works:

First up is an Oatmeal Stout with Madagascar vanilla bean that’s been naturally conditioned on Belgian Dark Candi Syrup.   This one is in keg now just waiting for a tap to free up.  

I still have the taste for IPA in the fall so I made a quick one just to have on hand.  I’m just calling this one Random IPA because no real thought went into it.   I think it’s a around 6%.

Next up is a heavy hitter.   Anotther Wee Heavy, but this one is turned out to be quite heavy at 9.5%.   Not sure what I screwed up but it was supposed to only be 8%.

These beers will be going on tap soon and I’ll review them after my first proper pint.

I’m planning on brewing plenty more stouts, porters, and Scottish Ales soon for fall/winter.

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