Hop Therapy Update (5 & 6)

I’ve cranked out two more in the Hop Therapy series.

Hop Therapy #5 has the same malt bill as #4 and features Citra & Simcoe. I got crazy efficiency out this batch for some reason. This one finished out at 5.9% abv.

Apparently I don’t have a photo of Hop Therapy #5… Hmm… It’s still on tap so I’ll fix that issue soon 😉

Hop Therapy #6 I dropped the golden naked oats in favor of 2 lbs of German Wheat Malt and used Apollo & Citra hops. This is my first time using Apollo. I also used Verdant IPA yeast (really liking this yeast). This batch finished closer to what I was expecting at 5.6% abv.

Hop Therapy #6 (5.6% ABV)