NHC Time

Well it’s that time of year again.   It’s time for the National Hombrew Competition.   I will be submitting two beers again this year so I’ve been brewing.

First up is a Scottish Export, also known as an 80 Shilling (80/-).   Not sure how relevant it is these days in Scotland, but I credit this style getting me hooked on beer.   I wasn’t a huge fan of beer before my first trip to Scotland.  However, on that first trip I was introduced to a “pint of 80” and I found it be delicious.  This is still one of my favorite styles of beer, but it’s hard to find.  I think this version is pretty good:

Scottish Export

Here is a link to the BJCP style guide for Scottish Export.  

I have also have a Double IPA and Scottish Wee Heavy in the works.  Unfortunately, they aren’t ready to drink yet.   Only time will tell which two brews make it into the competition.