Galaxy & Citra

You  can’t can go wrong with the combination of Citra and Galaxy hops.   In the past month or so I’ve created two beers which didn’t last very long.

I made a Galaxy Pale Ale.   Malt bill consisted of: Pearl Pale (87%), Flake Oats (8.7%), and Dark Munich (4.3%).   I only used Galaxy hops: 22 IBU (T-60), 13 IBU (T-0), and 2oz in dry hop for 3 days.

This beer finished out at 6% ABV and was pretty dang good.   Here’s the untapp’d link: Galaxy Pale Ale

So after that brew I decided to pair up Galaxy with Citra.   Exercising extreme creativity I named it “Citra Galaxy Pale”.   

This time the malt bill was: Viking Pale (80%), Flaked Oats (8%), Weyerman Wheat Malt (8%), Crystal 20L (4%). 

For hops I add 11 IBU of Citra and 15 IBU of Galaxy both at T-20 and again at T-0 (Whirlpool 194ºF) for 20 minutes.   Magically the IBUs for the T-20 and whirlpool additions came out the same (according to Beersmith).   I dry hop’d on day 2 of fermentation with a 1oz of Citra & Galaxy.

Net result?   An eff’ing crushable 4.9% beer.  This one kicked in record time.   Here’s the Untapp’d link:  Citra Galaxy Pale.

BTW both beers were fermented under pressure in my Fermentasaurus Snub Nose and were ready to drink with 7 days from start of fermentation.   This will be my preferred method of fermentation my for hoppy beers going forward.