What do when you want a light ale on tap made with some ingredients from the backyard?  You make a Blackberry Grape Jalapeno Kolsch.  I use the style of Kolsch loosely here.   It’s a malt bill that’s similar to Kolsch inspired brews I’ve made before but as I didn’t have Pilsen malt I substituted it for Golden Promise:

1 tspCalcium Chloride (mash)
.25 tsp lactic acid (mash)
9 lbsPale Malt, Golden Promise (3.0 SRM)
8 ozCarapils (1.5 SRM)
8 oz Wheat Malt (2.0 SRM)
0.50 oz Hallertau Magnum (14.10%) T-60
1 oz Saaz (2.6%) T-15
1 tspIrish Moss T-10
1 pkgSafAle K-97 German Ale

On day 6 of fermentation the SG was steady at 1.010.   That’s when I dumped approximate 1.5 lbs of Blackberry, 1/2 lb of grapes, and one Jalapeno (all from the backyard) in the fermenter.

Of course the extra sugars kicked off a second fermentation.  I waited another 10 days and keg’d it.   I was pretty sure the secondary fermentation would be done by then.

Before the additions the brew was at 5.4% ABV.  So I’m guessing the end result is between 6 – 6.5 %.

This beer was transformed from what would have been a clear crisp Kolsch inspired brew to something that’s hazy, slightly tart, berry flavors are subtle as is the Jalapeno aroma and flavor (no heat).  Since I like heat I may add two Jalapenos next time 🙂