Pale Ale

I’m getting a bit tired of the haze craze and high alcohol IPAs. Not many breweries are making good ole American Pales these days. So I’m starting a series of Pale Ales called Everyday Pale Ale (EPA). It’s a take on Founder’s All Day IPA, but the with more malt and less bitterness.

Before I decided to name the series the first batch was actually named Sit Tra Pale Ale.

  • Pale 2-Row – 90%
  • Crystal 40 – 10%
  • Centennial and Citra hops in boil.
  • Citra hops in dry hop

This beer lasted one weekend so I must have been pretty good. I liked it but I thought the body is a bit heavy and it needed a little more bitterness. So I changed it up a bit when brewing EPA#1:

  • Pale 2-Row – 83%
  • Crystal 40 – 11 %
  • Corn Sugar – 6%
  • Centennial and Idaho Gem hops in boil
  • Idaho Gem in dry hop

I screwed up and thought the Idaho Gem bag I opened was Citra 🙂 So the beer is definitely different. The corn sugar was added to dry the beer out. Personally I could have used less, this beer finished rather dry. Centennial and Idaho Gem do work well together; however, had I opened the correct bag of hops I think this batch would have come out better.

Here’s a look at the two beers.

Sit Tra Pale Ale - 5%
Sit Tra Pale Ale – 5%
Everyday Pale Ale #1
Everyday Pale Ale #1

EPA #1 has a slight haze to it, but otherwise nearly identically in appearance. It might be a while before I get to EPA #2. It’s time to brew some beers like I for the colder months (Porter, Weeheavy, Barleywine, etc…).