Hop Therapy #17

This edition of Hop Therapy features Galaxy & Eclipse. Two high alpha acid hops originating from Australia bringing flavors of Citrus and Sweet fruit.

See past posts for the malt bill. It’s the same. Besides the stars of the show are the hops. They do work very well together but in doing so you need to ensure you use them late in the boil or maybe just in whirlpool. Otherwise you’ll end up with a rather bitter beer. This batch is probably around 70 IBU.

Usually HT brews are hazy and remain that way for a while if not the life of the beer. I find as I crank up the bitterness (using high alpha acid hops) the beer clears within a week of packaging. Especially if it’s bottled. Not a bad thing, just something I’ve noted.

This photo was taken when the beer was young. A week later it was nearly crystal clear.

Hop Therapy #17 – 6.5%