Lemondrop Hefe

I like making lighter beers for the summer.  I knew I was going to make a Hefe but when checking out the hops at Maryland Homebrew I noticed “Lemondrop” hops.  My mind immediately thought of the German tendency to blend a Hefeweizen with Lemon.

Here’s the ingredients:

6 lb 14 ozPilsner Malt
4 lbWheat Malt
Hallertauer Hop T-60
1 pkg
Fermentis WB-06 Yeast
2 oz Lemondrop 5.2% Alpha
4 days after primary fermentation

I mashed in at 133ºF for 15 mins, stepped up to 152ºF for 60 mins, and mashed out at 168ºF.

The end result?  A 5.0% Hefe with a tart lemon character.  It is refreshing and easy to drink.   The flavor is a bit one demensional so next time I’ll probably substitute some of the Lemondrop for something else.

Lemondrop Hefe