2020 Harvest Ale #1

This brew demonstrates the challenges of only using homegrown hops.   I knew it was a risk since I didn’t know the Alpha Acid content of my hops.    When Harvest Ale #1 was done fermenting I thought all was fine.  I checked the FG and it was within my target range of 1.010, but the beer was SUPER SWEET.   I’m guessing that my backyard Centennial hops didn’t pack anywhere near what typical Centennial hops have for Alpha Acid.   Something had to be done.

To rescue this beer I boiled 2oz of Columbus hops in a medium sauce pan for 45 mins.   I didn’t measure how much water I boiled…  Probably around 32oz…   I dumped the hops in the pan and let it boil…  

After 45 mins I cooled it to room temp and strained the liquid with coffee a filter.  

I dumped the remaining liquid in the fermenter and I’m happy to report that 2020 Harvest Ale #1 is now quite drinkable:

2020 Harvest Ale #1 rescued with Columbus hops