2020 Harvest Ale(s) Update

Well this year’s hop harvest will provide enough hops for at least two brews.

Harvest Ale #1 is already cold crashing.   This one is basically a Wet Hop’d version of Bell’s Two Hearted.   Only difference is that I hop’d in the fermenter with my Wet Cascade hops (because I had so many of them).   Bell’s Two Hearted features Centennial hops exclusively.   Hopefully I’ll be trying this beer by the end of the week.

Harvest Ale #2 is in whirlpool now.   This is an all Cascade brew.   A total of 27oz of Wet Hops went in on the hot side.   Not sure if I’m going to hop this in the fermenter or not.   Given the amount of hops on the hot side I’m not sure it will be necessary.   However, I still have a lot of hops on the bines so who knows 🙂

Might actually brew a third Harvest Ale this year….  We’ll see..

More to come.

Hop Therapy #2

Here’s another brew in the Hop Therapy series.

The grist is simple:  85% Pilsen Malt, 15% Golden Naked Oats.

I used my new water profile which should have resulted in 100 ppm Sulfate & 150 ppm Chloride.

I only boiled this one for 30 minutes.   No hops in the boil.   I used a 30 minute whirlpool where I added 1oz each of Citra and Galaxy.

I fermented with WLP-008 (East Coast Ale) and at high krausen I added another 1oz each of Citra and Galaxy.

End result?

4.7% Hop Therapy #2

 Here’s the untappd link