PGB Common

This brew was inspired by the California Common (BJCP 16B).  What exactly is a California Common?   We’ll it’s a style of beer that Anchor Brewing is famous for making;  their “Steam Beer” is basically what this style was born from.  You can read about it at this link

It’s supposed to be a medium amber color (mine is a bit too dark) and have notes of carmel and toast.   The body should be medium.  The bit that interested me the most is that’s it’s fermented with a lager yeast at Ale temperatures.   Since I had Fermentis SafLager 34/70 on hand I just had to try my hand at this style.

Brewer’s 2-Row Pale Malt (Briess)8 lbs 12 oz
Rye Malt (Thomas Fawcett)1 lb
Honey Malt8 oz
Crystal 20L4 oz
Chocolate Malt (Muntons) 4 oz
East Kent Goldings (6%) T-60)1 oz
East Kent Goldings (6%) T-60)1 oz
East Kent Goldings (6%) T-60)1 oz

Holy smokes did this beer ferment fast.   I was amazed.  My OG was 1.052, FG 1.010, and it only took three days to get there.  

The end result? A 5.5% Darkish Amber which does hit on some of the style characteristics of a California Common.   I’ll have to see I can find Anchor Steam at my local craft beers shop to compare.

I’m going to enjoy this one…   Cheers!

PGB Common 5.5%


Weissbier!  Another favorite style of mine to brew.   Malt bill is simple, very little hops (just to enough for 15-20 IBU) and the rest is all about the yeast.  However, this version won’t be traditional Wheat & Pilsen Malt recipe.   Mostly because I’m out of Pislen, but also because I’m curious what the end product will be like without it.

Avangard Wheat7 lbs
Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise Pale Malt3 lbs
Golden Promise Pale Malt1 lbs 8 oz
German Magnum (14.1% Alpha) T-45.25 oz
German Magnum (14.1% Alpha) T-10.25 oz
White Labs WLP-300 Hefeweizen Ale Yeast1 packet

So that’s a bit different then my past Hefe’s.   However, what’s really different this time around is that I’m trying to a match Munich’s water profile.

I had my brewing water tested and plugged the numbers into Beersmith.   I choose a target water profile of Munich.   The end result are of the following water additions:

MASH Water (4.6 gallons)
Calcium Carbonate 3.01 grams
Epsom Salt (MgSO4) .44 grams

Sparge Water (3.6 gallons)
Calcium Carbonate3.52 grams
Epsom Salt (MgSO4).51 grams

Brewing now… Let’s see how this one turns out.