What’s with the domain name?

Long before I realized “God Save The Keg” was a Ritchie Blackmore song I was exposed to the phrase at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.   This is where Hack and Slash would perform their Ale Extravaganza routine (among others).   Unfortunately they no longer perform together, but you can see what I’m talking about via this link:

They used the phrase during their sword play and sold “God Save The Keg” T-Shirts (of which I have several). These guys were always the highlight of the MD Rennfest for me.

Anyway…  That’s where the inspiration for the “Godsavethekeg.com” came from.   I’m also a homebrewer so it just seemed like a good fit.

So on this spot of the web I plan random posts on all things related to beer but mostly homebrewing.