Peanut Chocolate Stout

A while ago I picked up a couple PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter and Peanut Powder with Cocoa (6.5oz each).   So I made a stout with it.

Malt Bill

  • 69% – Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise Pale Malt
  • 14% – Briess Crystal 40L
  •   7% – Wyeremann Chocolate Rye Malt
  •   7% – Flaked Oats
  •   3% – Bairds Roasted Barley

This brew is all about the malt and PB2 so the only hops in this brew is 1oz of Hallertau Magnum (14% AA) at T-60

At T-10 I removed some wort from the kettle and dissolved the two PB2 containers in a separate pot.  The boil timer was paused during this time.  Once dissolved the wort/PB2 was added back to the kettle and I resumed the timer.

This is not only my first time using PB2 but it’s also my first time using my new Grainfather Concial Fermenter and Glycol Chiller.   This setup allows me to control fermentation temperature accurately.  

Looks like I forgot note which yeast I used.  I believe it was Fermentis SafeAle S-04.   I fermented at 68ºF for six days and then cold crashed for two days at 39ºF.   It was then transferred to keg and conditioned for two weeks before going on tap.

Peanut Chocolate Stout – 6%

End result is pretty much what you would expect.  I definitely get plenty of peanut/chocolate aroma & flavor.   The body is full and smooth.   I really like this brew.   I just shutter to think how caloric it may be 😉