Stout V3 (Prinz Stout)

As I mentioned with my previous stout I wanted to try using something other than Roasted Barley.   So in this brew I decided to try using a “bittered” black malt called Prinz Black Malt

Briess Brewer’s 2 Row (1.8 SRM)74%
Crystal 40L (40 SRM)7.4%
Blackprinz Black Malt (500 SRM)3.7%
Chocolate Malt (425 SRM)3.7%
Flaked Rye3.7%
Flaked Wheat3.7%
Special B (147 SRM)3.7%
Warrior T-601 oz
Cascade1 oz

The other big change with this brew was the water profile.   I choose a profile that should enhance the body & mouth feel.   This was a 5 gallon batch.  

The water additions for the mash:

Calcium Chloride11 grams
Gypsum2.3 grams
Epsom Salt 0.32 grams
Lactic Acid1/4 tsp

The water additions for the sparge water:

Calcium Chloride8.25 grams
Gypsum1.7 grams
Epsom Salt0.25 grams

Note these water additions are based on my starting water profile and a “target profile”of Murphy’s Stout/Porters from Beersmith…

I definitely think this was a step in the right direction for what I’m looking for in a Stout.  The body is smooth and the harsh finish I attributed to Roast Barley is gone.  It certainly looks the part as well.

Prinz Stout