Hop Therapy #1

It’s summer and I love my low-ish ABV hoppy beers.   I tend to brew a lot of them and I’m not creative enough to name each one.   So I’ve to name them all “Hop Therapy”.   The name will only differ by batch #.   Each batch will feature different hops.   The malt bill for these beers is pretty basic:

  • Some sort of pale/pislen malt at 80%
  • Crystal 40L 4% (mostly for color)
  • A mix of Wheat Malt & Oats making for the remaining 16%

So here is Hop Therapy #1

Featuring Cryo Mosaic, Simcoe Whole Leaf & Pellets, and Azacca

You can find it on untapp’d by clicking here

At 5% this is a great beer to have on tap.  I haven’t made many beers with Simcoe so I think it’s standing out for me.  I really like the aroma and flavor it contributes.  I’ll have to experiment more with Simcoe.

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