Uptown Coffee Brown

I’m normally not a fan of Brown Ales.  However, I’ve found some jazz’d up versions I really like (hello Founder’s Underground Mountain Brown).

So I decided to brew my own jazz’d up Brown.   The malt bill: 78% Pale Malt, 7% Brown Malt, 4% Crystal 120L,  4% Crystal 80L,  4% Chocolate Malt, 3% Special B.

I used Saflager 34/70 to ferment it; which is quickly becoming a favorite.

When fermentation was nearly complete I added 7 grams of coarsely crushed Starbucks Verona coffee beans and 1 teaspoon of Mexican Vanilla Extract (Usumacinta).

Uptown Coffee Brown

I was a bit surprised with the end result.   The coffee is quite prominent and I definitely taste the vanilla is the background.  The color went from brown to nearly pitch black…

I really like this brew 🙂


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