Sometimes I just want a Stout

One reason why I love homebrewing is that I get to make styles I enjoy which I can’t regularly find on tap at the local pub.   With everyone chasing the latest trends in craft beer I find it rare that a straight up “Stout” is on tap.   That’s why I made this beer.

6 lbBriess Brewer’s Malt 2-Row (1.8 SRM)
6 lbThomas Fawcett Golden Promise Pale Malt (3.0 SRM)
1 lb 5 ozMuntons Chocolate Malt (425.0 SRM)
1 lbFlaked Oats (2.5 SRM)
8 ozDingemans Aromatic Malt (19.0 SRM)
4 ozMuntons Roasted Barley (525.0 SRM)
1.25 ozWarrior 15% Alpha T-60
1 ozEast Kent Goldings 5% Alpha T-10
Nottingham Yeast Harvested from previous batches

The end result?   A 7.4% full bodied stout with chocolate, roast, and bitter finish.  The next version of this I’ll probably dial back the bitterness and maybe ditch the roasted barley all together…

You can find this beer on untappd at this link

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