Saison Du Wit

I like Belgian Wit’s and Saison’s so I figured for this brew I’d make somewhat of a hybrid between the two.

I started with a traditional Belgian Wit grain bill:

  • 8 lbs Pilsner
  • 2 lbs flaked oat
  • 1 lb wheat malt
  • 4 oz caramunich malt

I mashed in at 152ºF for 60 mins and mashed out at 170ºF for 10 mins.

The only hops in this brew were 3/4 oz of Columbus in the boil at T-60.

This was my first time using coriander seeds.  The aroma released while crushing them was amazing.   I added 1oz of them at T-5.

That just leaves the yeast.   When Sapwood Cellars was breaking in their brew system they produced a test batch, some of which they gave to homebrewer’s.   I picked up a carboy full and fermented it will Danstar’s Belle Saison Yeast.   I used the slurry from that batch to ferment this brew.

The end result?

My ability to describe flavors and mouth feel is still developing, but I’ll take a stab at it.  The first thing I notice is a slight Saison funk aroma followed by citrus.  I’d say it’s dry with a light body.   The finish to me is a bit tart with some lingering citrus.  I’m left thinking dry hopping this brew would have been good idea, but I really wanted to see what coriander contributes.

Now’s it’s time to keg my Aletoberfest!

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