PGB Common

This brew was inspired by the California Common (BJCP 16B).  What exactly is a California Common?   We’ll it’s a style of beer that Anchor Brewing is famous for making;  their “Steam Beer” is basically what this style was born from.  You can read about it at this link

It’s supposed to be a medium amber color (mine is a bit too dark) and have notes of carmel and toast.   The body should be medium.  The bit that interested me the most is that’s it’s fermented with a lager yeast at Ale temperatures.   Since I had Fermentis SafLager 34/70 on hand I just had to try my hand at this style.

Brewer’s 2-Row Pale Malt (Briess)8 lbs 12 oz
Rye Malt (Thomas Fawcett)1 lb
Honey Malt8 oz
Crystal 20L4 oz
Chocolate Malt (Muntons) 4 oz
East Kent Goldings (6%) T-60)1 oz
East Kent Goldings (6%) T-60)1 oz
East Kent Goldings (6%) T-60)1 oz

Holy smokes did this beer ferment fast.   I was amazed.  My OG was 1.052, FG 1.010, and it only took three days to get there.  

The end result? A 5.5% Darkish Amber which does hit on some of the style characteristics of a California Common.   I’ll have to see I can find Anchor Steam at my local craft beers shop to compare.

I’m going to enjoy this one…   Cheers!

PGB Common 5.5%

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