More Therapy

Another Hop Therapy is in the books . It’s batch #11 and features two New Zealand hops Waimea and Wai-iti.

These hops came from my Hop Box subscription via Yakima Valley Hops (YVH). They lend a fruity and citrus aroma/flavor. You can find detailed descriptions at YVH:

I fermented this batch with one of my favorite yeasts for IPAs, Lallemand’s Verdant IPA. I find this yeast complements fruity and citrus forward hops. I try to keep a fresh culture of this yeast on hand.

The malt bill is essentially the same as previous batches, but with a little Crystal for color (since I’m using Pilsner malt this time):

  • Weyermann Pilsner Malt – 80%
  • Flaked Oats – 8%
  • Avangard Wheat Malt – 8%
  • Briess Crystal 40 – 2%
Hop Therapy #11, 6% ABV

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