Hop Update

Second year hops

This is the second year for my hops.  The front row is Cascade and the back is Centennial.   I feel like they aren’t growing as well as they should this year.   Maybe I was a little too aggressive trimming them, or maybe I just need to give them more room to grow.   That front row has progressed considerably more than than the back.

Next year I’ll divide up the rhizomes and plant them all in a single row.   So I should have a total of at least 16 plants next year 🙂

Anyway as you can see from the following photos the hop cones have started to form.

Centennial Hops
Cascade Hops

Now I just need to start thinking about the Harvest Ale I’m going to make with these…   I have about a month to decide as I hope to be picking these hops in late August…

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  1. During my trip to Ithaca, NY, I met a man who also grows hops at his home. He says there currently is no one holding the Guinness world record for the tallest hop vine. Just saying…

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